About Me

Picture 128I’ve had years of experience in the beauty business, starting with a full time job at a beauty supply store in Western New York back in my early 20’s.  We sold mostly hair care, because it was a beauty supply store geared toward high-end hair salons.  That was my first taste of working in the beauty business, and I loved it!

Then in 1992 I signed on as a beauty consultant for Mary Kay Cosmetics.  I did that up until 1998, then ended up signing up again a few years later!  I absolutely loved doing Mary Kay.  I always said that every woman should be a Mary Kay consultant for a minimum of six months, just for the training.  I’m being serious.  When you become a Mary Kay beauty consultant, you’re receiving sales training from a Fortune 500 Direct Sales company, and that training consists of everything from people skills, public speaking, goal setting, time management – to how to put on makeup and how to dress professionally.  And honestly, the extensive training we got regarding skin care was absolutely amazing.  I still use everything I learned to this day to take good care of my skin, and now I’m 48, so it’s more important than ever!

I’ve created this website so I can help women to take care of their skin.  I’m hoping to save you a ton of time and effort trying to figure out which products to use.  But always – please use the “Contact Me” page to share information about products you love and why you love them!

Here’s to lookin’ good, ladies.  Thanks again for visiting!  🙂